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An attenuator is a specially designed pressure vessel which provides damping and clipping of pressure pulsations, sometimes referred to as hydraulic pump “noise”. The pressure spikes can be greater than +/- 10% of the rated system pressure, which could result in reduced system component life and premature system failure.

Attenuators can be custom-sized and shaped to meet specific system requirements.

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Attenuator Valves

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Crissair: Serving Clients From Coast to Coast

As a manufacturer of quality aircraft fluid control components, Crissair has become a trusted name due to our commitment to designing and manufacturing products of superior quality and strict design specifications. All of our products undergo a rigorous quality inspection to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our product line includes 11,000 designs, from complete manifold assemblies to miniature fluid control components. Whatever the scale of your hydraulic attenuator needs, we can provide you with the right product for your project.

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