Solenoid Operated Valves

Solenoid Operated Valves

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Crissair designs and manufactures a variety of solenoid operated valves:

  • Pilot solenoid operated shutoff valves
  • Direct acting solenoid valves

Pilot solenoid operated shutoff valves are more complex in nature. A pilot solenoid valve is packaged into a manifold that drives a larger spool or piston to redirect or shut off system pressure and flow. In many cases, restriction and damping is added to improve and better control transient characteristics of pressure spikes and flow rates.

Direct acting solenoid valves have many uses in fluid controls systems. For high pressure systems, they can be used to pilot large cylinders and spools. For low pressure systems, they can be used to shut off or redirect supply pressure. Crissair, Inc. offers standard hard seat materials for low leakages and soft seat materials for zero leak requirements.

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We have developed more than 11,000 designs. Our product line ranges from basic fluid control components to complete manifold assemblies. We use state-of-the-art machine centers in our 70,000 square foot facility in Southern California. Our dedication to maintaining our standards means that we keep abreast of the latest field developments in order to stay current with the ever evolving challenges of the modern military and aircraft industries.

At Crissair, Inc., we focus on performance, precision, and pride, maintaining high quality standards. We are committed to incorporating first-time quality in each process. In order to satisfy the unique needs of our clients, our engineers work closely with customers from proposal to final qualification. You can have confidence in working with Crissair, your trusted manufacturer of quality aircraft fluid control components.

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