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Manufacturer of Aircraft Fluid Components Company Dedicated to Customer Service Since 1954

Crissair, Inc. is recognized as the global leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft fluid control components. We develop more than check valves, however; our company has designed and developed more than 11,000 products, including customized products designed to our clients’ specifications.

Our company manufactures both:

  • Hand-operated pumps
  • Shaft-driven pumps

Hand-operated pumps are generally driven by a single handle which is designed for specific extension adapters. We have several restow pumps that are widely used on regional jets to restow the ram air turbine (RAT). Other hand pumps are designed per MIL-P-5515 D, Class 3000, and AN 6248-3. Discuss your needs with our company, a trusted manufacturer of quality aircraft fluid control components since 1954.

Shaft-driven pumps mainly include rotary gear pumps or G-rotor pumps. They are mostly used in gearbox applications where they are considered lube and scavenge pumps. In some applications, however, these pumps are also used to pressurize the lubrication reservoir by pumping air into it. Other applications have used these pumps to pressurize lubrication oil and fuel simultaneously.

Adherence to High-Quality Control Standards

We utilize high-quality control standards in order to ensure that our products are consistently excellent, developed with pride and precision in our state-of-the-art, 70,000 square foot facility located in Valencia, California. In 2013, we consolidated with Canyon Engineering, adding more than 30 years of experience in aerospace, military, and industrial engineering to a new product line. This enables us to keep pace with the changing nature and constantly developing challenges of the industry, for our clients’ benefit.

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