Relief Valves

Quality Relief Valves Suitable for All Aircraft Fluid Types

Crissair’s Relief Valves are qualified for system pressures from 0.2 to over 6000 PSI using materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. They are commonly used for system functionality, system over-pressurization, and thermal expansion. Crissair designs and manufactures several types of relief valves, from high-pressure and high-flow system relief valves to direct acting low-pressure relief valves. Our Relief Valves include:

  • Hard Seat
  • Soft Seat
  • Filtered
  • Rosan Style
  • Drop-In
  • Thread-In
  • Cartridge
  • Inline

The world-class line of high-pressure system relief valves offers an amazingly stable flow curve with low pressure drops from crack to full flow, and very tight internal leakage rates at reseat and below. Crissair also offers zero-leak relief valves that employ soft seat materials. If you have a specific valve requirement, contact us; we can design our relief valves specifically to fit our customer’s needs.

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